BizNexus Data Machine


How we make the match


The Matching Process

Buying a new business, or selling one you've been building for years is most often the biggest financial decision of any entrepreneur's life. We believe that in today's internet-driven world, entrepreneurs should engage with the professionals who can help facilitate this process with the help of data-driven technology and verifiable historical performance.

Why buy and sell a business with BizNexus? It's 2018, and making a decision about who the best person to work with to help buy or sell a business should be based on more than just cocktail party referrals and word-of-mouth recommendation.


A Foundation Built on Data

BizNexus is the only platform leveraging data science to help entrepreneurs and intermediaries connect. The process refines the search process, eliminates wasted time and effort, and most importantly reduces risk of getting stuck in an unproductive working relationship.

By facilitating the process of identifying the best intermediary for you based on preferences, historical performance and objective data, BizNexus increases the probability of a successful, speedy transaction taking place.