BizCheq, a Free Marketing Needs Assessment Report


Why Bizcheq?

In today's Google-driven world if you hope to get found by actively searching prospects, you have to perform competitively across six categories:

Online Business Directory Listings

Online Reviews

Digital Advertising

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Presence

Website Optimization


97% of business owners

look online before making contact locally.

Your online visibility and reputation may be hurting your chances in capturing new potential prospects in their moment of need. In other words, they could be going straight to your competitor.  Let's fix that for you. 


REAL reports, real results

BizcheQ grades how you are performing digitally, for free. Our reports go deep into detail, providing numerical statistics on why you received a specific letter grade, as well as highlighting examples that are hurting your score. Increase your visibility and get found with our BizNexus Snapshot Report.